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What are Lifestyle Lenses?

By the time you reach the age of 40, you´ve accomplished quite a bit: school, career, family, kids…but guess what? You still have half of your life ahead of you. Forty means nothing today as active as we all are. No one considers forty as any kind of real benchmark except in one area, it is the beginning stages of vision declination. An unfortunate side effect of reaching 40 is that near vision begins to deteriorate around this time. If you’ve recently found it necessary to use reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses, then you, along with millions of other Americans, are likely suffering from presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the medical term for an aging eye that has become less flexible in both the lens and muscles. This condition is likely to affect everyone at some point. In the past, the only treatment for presbyopia was an implantable monofocal lens. While effective in delivering adequate intermediate-to-distance vision, glasses were still required for close-up vision.

Kleiman|Evangelista Eye Center offers a better solution, our Lifestyle Lens Procedures. LifeStyle Lenses® like the Crystalens HD™, Tecnis® Multifocal lens, AcrySof® ReSTOR® and STAAR Toric IOL™ (part of our AMP package) were originally developed for cataract patients, but are also a great option for giving presbyopia sufferers the freedom to, in many cases, completely eliminate your dependence on readers or bifocals.


Which Lens Is Right For You?

lens_restorAcroSof® IQ ReSTOR®
is designed to improve vision at all distances, greatly reducing your dependence on reading glasses or bifocals.
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lens_toricSTAAR Toric IOL™
is ideal for patients with cataracts who also have astigmatism as it is designed to correct refractive errors caused by astigmatism.
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lens-crystalensCrystalens HD™
allows the eye to focus on objects at near, far and intermediate distances by using the eye’s natural focusing muscle.
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lens-tecnisTecnis® Multifocal
is designed to focus at different distances providing patients with an improved range of vision. Its wavefront technology can even improve vision in low-light environments.
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